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How To Keep Pigeons Away From Balcony

How To Keep Pigeons Away From Balcony – Help me get rid of the pigeons on my front porch. I have tied crusty pants, windbreakers and colored plastic bags to try and deter them and nothing works. It is not allowed to place nets or permanent structures in the living building.

I also tried laying eggs and taking toys, but I got tired of the pigeon soup. I was horrified when they came back last year, but I still couldn’t dig up the eggs. I’m sure I won’t have to repeat it all this year, so when they started regular meetings on the balcony I got about twelve CDs and I can’t believe it! I haven’t seen a pigeon since! I don’t know how it works, maybe when they fly to the holographic effect CDs, their radar hosing parties or something – but whatever, I’m awesome!

How To Keep Pigeons Away From Balcony

You don’t need to rip many CDs to get the job done. I played a full stick of 2 CDs on my balcony fence and I haven’t seen a single pigeon on my balcony since!

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Balcony Or Patio

I also came home from vacation to find two pigeon eggs on the balcony and I didn’t have the heart to remove them. I say I’m the biggest mistake because now they won’t go away! You are finally ready to fly so I have invested in a plastic owl and I will tell you it is a waste of money. It just depends on the night. There are so many pigeons on my balcony! I washed it with sand and water. I will try the CD and see if they work, but I have also heard of mothballs. They don’t seem to smell it. Thanks for all your suggestions!

I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex and have a garden balcony. The terrace has wide grills. Crazy pigeons threatened to mess with them and destroy my balcony and most of my plants!

Since I live in a rented house, I didn’t want to spend too much money online, so I wanted a cucumber, jammed CDs, stuck aluminum foil in flag pots and nothing else worked for a week. I finally decided to make a mock-up net using ball knitting and cut mosquito netting and it worked wonders! It’s been a month and my pigeon shot is free.

The top 3-quarters of the ceiling grid has horizontal metal bars parallel to each other approximately 1 foot apart, and parallel vertical bars 1 foot apart. the lower part of the latticework has only horizontal bars parallel to each other. This will allow the pigeons to roam free and get out and destroy almost all my plants.

Aspectek Stainless Steel Bird Spikes, Pigeon Repellent, Plastic Bird Deterrent Kit Covers 10 Feet With Adhesive Glue

So I started with my group braiding at the end of the balcony and braiding over the grills. For the lower part, I bought a cheap colored net (so it wouldn’t block the light) and tied it in a long piece of split across the lower part of the balcony.

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I live in an apartment with a 2-year-old boy. We have two pigeons nesting in the corner of my balcony. Now it’s the last 2 weeks of fighting, every few minutes they bring bushes and branches and I sweep them all in two hours. I can’t handle the finances very well with the kid around so I’m able to finish the grades. I need help! Please, how do I prevent myself from nesting in the corner of the balcony?

Pigeons can be really annoying. Many apartments around here have nets on their balconies to keep them out. If it’s broken, talk to your owner and see if he wants help setting it up. Nocturnal plastic figures placed to scare them.

Week Old Pigeons On My Balcony Do I Feed???

You can also try the old garden trick of putting aluminum sheets or CDs on strings to blow around in the wind and scare the birds away. Your guy will find them very interesting though!

Take the living plastic and put it on the balcony. We use one of the boom cranes to keep them away from building their nests, it works like a charm. We bought ours at Ace Hardware, but we’ve also seen them at other home stores like Lowes or Home Depot.

I have a pigeon net around my balcony, but due to the recent high winds, the net has come off the bottom of the balcony and needs to be repaired. Can you help me?

What do you think about using strong string to attach the railing (if it has decorative railings)? Is the network itself torn? A picture of maybe we can help you?

How To Keep Birds Off Of Patio Furniture

They love my sunbeds. They nested there and are there all the time. Fences cannot be built due to the balcony structure. I tried everything! Where do I get the keys? Maybe I can cover the balcony shelf.

Try tying a long, brightly colored sheet of plastic to the roof of your loft to keep it warm and cozy. The noise and movement must frighten them.

I have problems with pigeons. They can steal and sit on the porch in my chair and in my light. I would like to know what I can do to stop them on my balcony.

Use water mixed with cayenne pepper, cinnamon or curry and sprinkle on the balcony. I don’t like shiny wheels either. They save them in dollars. If all else fails, try bird netting around your balcony.

Protect Your Outdoor Apartment Areas From Bothersome Birds

I have people who swear they keep fake dollar tree snakes in their lawns. They change them every other day or they are convinced that the birds are real.

Also help fake ostriches and you can even draw them with solar energy for every minute.

The REPENTE method will work well, however it is not very elegant. You can buy nylon and plastic netting at home stores to hang over the entire balcony area. By placing nets on the top and shelf of the balcony, pigeons will not be able to land on your balcony.

You can probably spend a whole day reading all the problems and suggestions for getting rid of climbing pigeons if you ask this question. It’s funny how what seems to work for one person doesn’t help another. Maybe the pigeons are different in different habitats?

Cooped Up: Who Is Responsible For Evicting Pigeons And Their Poop From A Tenant’s Balcony?

Plans vary widely: hang CDs on a wire or hook from the ceiling, hang aluminum foil, buy a fake trash can or a large hose, shower various combinations of things on the balcony (how did it get to the shower?). etc.

I’m not affiliated with this site, but if all else fails, check out the email methods.

How do you get rid of pigeons? I will do my best. I put lots of CDs, fake owls and flies. Nothing works.

It is one of the longest running live crop communities on the internet. These are the archives of old discussions.

How To Keep Birds Away From Patios, Decks, And Balconies

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See the epic 100,000+ dancing birds

The problem is that birds, like you and me, need a place to rest. The most convenient place to stop happens to be on your front porch!

Drive Away Pigeons: The 10 Best Tips

Some people don’t mind the feathered visitors and will even leave seeds or water – while others prefer to scare these winged squatters away. These birds don’t clean up after themselves and leave a mess!

If you are tired of stray feathers sitting on your balcony or just bored…

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